Ain't No Thang But A...


Yep, we'll go with that! 

We don't know who needs to read this but...

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Start Your Mornings Off Right

One of our go-to breakfast snacks is this delicious fruit & nut parfait! It's simple, easy, and sooooo good, you'll want one everyday! Layer with your favorite non-dairy yogurt, fresh fruits of your choosing, and top it with our yummy Nola', then enjoy! Because we know you will!

I Mean, How Could We Leave You Out of All of This Goodness?!

Our 'Shroom Chopped Sandwich is a hit for your BBQ cravings!

If You Are What You Eat, Just Call Us Fried Mushroom Wellness

We are completely OBSESSED with fried mushrooms. Can you eat this everyday, absolutely! Do we recommend it, ALSO ABSOLUTELY. But don't. :) We don't believe in cheating ourselves, but we aren't against treating ourselves. And these are a treat that totally live up to the name!

Potatoes Gon' Potate

We've NEVER met a potato we didn't like! 

Check out a few of our favorite ways to eat them.